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NFC metal mount tags white or clear PVC adhesive mifare ultralight or mifare ultralight c anti-metal
NFC metal mount tags white or clear PVC adhesive mifare ultralight or mifare ultralight c anti-metal
*Item Code: MTPV01_ultralight
*Port: Shanghai
*Payment: Paypal, West Union,T/T,etc
*Color: Optional
Lead Time: 10 to 15 work days
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Product Details

rfid white coin tags 125khz 13.56mhz uhf tags

This PVC mini nfc stickers can be used on metal or battery surface. There is one metal isolation layer between the white PVC NFC tag and the metal surface.
 Material:  White or clear PVC material
 Color:  white or clear
 Size :  Dia.20/22/23/25/30/40/50mm etc
 Thickness:  0.8mm to 1.3mm
 Weight:  approx. 1.2g to 3g (depends on the size and thickness)

 Logo printing:  Optional
 Logo engraving:  Optional
 Barcode:  Optional
 Number laser:  Optional
 Self-adhesive layer:  3M or other
 Anti-metal layer:  Optional
 Epoxy cover:  Optional
 Hole punching:  Optional

passive proximity rfid round tags whit PVC 125khz 13.56mhz mifare 

 Frequency:  13.56MHz
 Operating temp.:  - 10 Celsius to 50 Celsius
 Storage temp.:  - 20 Celsius to 55 Celsius

rfid coin tags with 3M self-adhesive layer disk tags

clear metal mount tags ultralight and ultralight c chip


 RFID chip option 5:  Mifare Classic 1k/4k
 RFID chip option 6:  Mifare DESFire 2k / 4k / 8k
 RFID chip option 7:  Ultralight C / Ultralight
 RFID chip option 8:  ICODE SLI / ICODE 2
 RFID chip option 9:  Legic prime or legic advant
 RFID chip option 10:  NFC Ntag213 / ntag203
   NFC ntag215
   NFC ntag216
   NFC topaz 512
 More RFID chip options:  Click here

rfid tags mifare stickers

 Package:   50 pcs each bag or 100 pcs each bag
   1000pcs each carton ( size:42 x 21 x 34cm)
 Shipping way:   By DHL or UPS or Fedex or TNT or special line or by sea etc


 Samples:   Available
 Payment way:   TT or Paypal or West Union 
 Warranty period:  12 months

Key features of white PVC laminated nfc stickers:

- Mini size stickers

- 3M or other brand self-adhesive back layer

- Logo printing available

- Number printing available

- Water resistant

- Used on metal surface


Ultralight nfc metal mount tag stickers is one economic choice compared other NFC metal mount tags. It is with lower user memory but with longer reading distance.

Ultralight NFC metal mount tags can NOT be provided in NDEF format. You can write and erase the ultralight or ultralight metal mount tags a lots of times. You also can lock the anti-metal nfc tag. It can't be unlocked once locked. These ultralight NFC metal mount tags will be read-only.


We can pre-encode the information under your request.

If you need thinner NFC anti-metal tag stickers, etching antenna PVC NFC metal mount stickers is a better choice.
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