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How to distinguish the good and bad epoxy rfid keychain using our eyes?


Epoxy rfid keychain is also called 'Jelly rfid keychain' or 'crystal rfid keychain'etc.

Epoxy rfid keychain is usually made in various shapes like star shape,tear drop shape,heart shape,car shape,house shape etc.
fish shape epoxy rfid keychain keyfob
There are usually one hole in the epoxy rfid keychain. You can choose many kinds of different keyring like metal ring,hook,elastic string/rope etc.
epoxy dome rfid key fob tags
The production process of epoxy rfid chain is similar to ordinary rfid contactless chip cards.The main differences are cutting and epoxy adding. It takes around 12 hours to dry the epoxy at one side. Then another 12 hours to dry the rest side.In order to reduce the cost, we usually make the hole after the epoxy covers are ready. 
epoxy rfid keychain tag with metal ring rivet
How to distinguish the good and bad epoxy rfid keychain using our eyes?

1. The PVC material
Check the cutting edge. It is usually white. If it is not white, it is usually made of recycled PVC material.

2. The printing quality
The clarity is very important. The color matches will also give you reference.(Like pantone etc)

3. The air bladder
Check if there is many air bladder below the epoxy cover. The air bladder will result in epoxy cover seperation in short time.

4. The coverage of epoxy
This a lot depends on the epoxy quality and workers experience.
Check the rfid keychain cutting edge if there is epoxy covered.
epoxy rfid keyfob 125khz mifare

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