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China’s leading tobacco company HongYunHongHe Group use RFID to trace and track strips


 In 2014, China’s leading tobacco company HongYunHongHe Group has started a project to use barcode and RFID technologies to trace and track tobacco strips at real time, from strip manufacturing, storage, allocation and cigarette manufacturing. Now, technical verification of strip logistic tracking system and the research and development of the system have bee finished, the company has run a trial test during last summer, and hoped the system would be extended to the whole tobacco industry in 2016. The company chose barcode as a backup to RFID tags, they contain the same information of tobacco strips. With the help of RFID technologies, the company can manage and monitor the life cycle of tobacco strips more efficiently, from redrying, manufacturing and tagging, to stocking in redrying company’s storage, out of storage, to stocking in industrial company’s storage and out of storage, and etc. HongYunHongHe uses 200,000,000 kilogram strips every year.

use rfid to track strip

Source: rfidglobal

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